Hello there! Welcome to Fallen Muse! This is my very first personal web dumping ground, here you'll find my artwork, wallpapers, lj and msn icons and some fanart. Please feel free to explore the site or read my blog and livejournal. Suggestions? Critics?  Sign my guestbook  or  email  me.


October, 23

I have my first affiliate, thanks to Mina and her wonderful Bram Stocker's Fansite. Take Care ++Cristina ++



The site still in a sort of hiatus. I'll post some artwork made some time ago, but next week I promise a complete update, with a new layout and some fresh new artwork. :) For now it's all. Take Care ++Cristina ++



After a long period without updates, I finally managed to make more two collages. The first is Lord of the Ring fanart (well, kind of) e the other Bram Stocker's Dracula. Hope you all enjoy it. Take Care ++ Cristina ++


May, 01

Hello! Finally a new update, I'm still trying to make things work out here. I added two new sections in the site. You'll find now my lj icons . And I added two new Bram Stocker's Dracula fanart. Well, it's all for now. Take care ++ Cristina ++

 April, 24

 Great opening! I finally put all this stuff together and here it is, my very first site, so far I think everything is working. :) For now only you find my old fanarts. All the new artwork will be posted later. :) Please if some of the links didn't work contact me.  Take care  ++ Cristina ++



 yes, that's me...Cristina + a.k.a Velouria + 28 + Brazilian + Cancer + July 15th + British Actors + Dracula + Vampire Chronicles + <3 Mael + Star Wars and Lord of the Rings obssessed + Mara Jade + Luthien & Beren + + Marauder at heart + Sirius Black crush + Nine Inch Nails + U2 +The Cure + Sarah McLachlan + Loreena McKennitt + X-Files + Lost + Smallville + Queer as Folk UK + The Simpsons + Celtic Culture + Death day: 10/ 26/2010.



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